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What Angle Should You Sharpen Knives At?

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What Angle Should You Sharpen Knives At?

What Elements Determine the Best Knife Sharpening Angle?

A few factors will determine the angle at which you sharpen your knife. The sort of steel the knife is made of is the first consideration. Since Shun knives are made entirely of high-carbon stainless steel, they are durable and have good edge retention. They are more challenging to sharpen than other kinds of steel, though.

Cases of Use

Your own preferences for sharpening are the final consideration. Some individuals choose blades with a sharper angle, while others favor knives with a more blunt angle. In the end, it comes down to what the person feels most comfortable doing and what is most effective for the task at hand.

Best Angle Range

Between 15 and 20 degrees is the ideal angle for using a knife sharpener to sharpen a knife. By doing this, you can be sure that the knife will stay sharp and be effective against any obstacle.

Knife-hone techniques

It's time to learn how to hon the knife now that you are aware of the ideal sharpening angle. Knife maintenance includes honing because it keeps the blade sharp and prevents it from becoming overly dull.

To hone a knife, you need a honing steel. A long, thin rod composed of ceramic or diamond is a honing steel. The knife's edge is realigned, maintaining its sharpness.

Using a honing steel

Hold the steel first in your non-dominant hand.

The blade should then be tilted at a 20-degree angle while the knife's heel is pressed up against the honing steel.

As you move the blade along the length of the honing steel, use the other hand to grip the handle of the knife and exert pressure on it.

Repeat this procedure many times to sharpen the whole blade. Recall to touch gently because applying too much pressure will ruin the knife's edge.

It's crucial to wash and dry the knife once you've sharpened the blade. Any debris that can weaken the blade's edge will be removed.

After Sharpening Your Knife: How to Take Care of It

It is essential to properly take care of your newly sharpened knife now that you have it. Always wash the knife by hand with soap and water first. Never wash it in the dishwasher, as the blade may become damaged. Second, always completely dry it off after washing it.

Third, keep the knife in a secure location to prevent harm. A knife block is an excellent choice since it guards the blade and prevents dulling. Never use the knife on porcelain, glass, or any other hard surface. Always keep it sharpened to maintain its condition.

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