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Using knives safely in the kitchen

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Using knives safely in the kitchen

To help you prevent knife mishaps, this website offers advice and information.

What you need to do?

As far as it is practically possible, you must make sure that your staff is protected from injury. You must evaluate the possibility of one of your employees getting cut by a knife and implement adequate safety measures.

What dangers exist?

In the catering business, knife-related accidents happen often. They often result in wounds to the fingers and non-knife hand, although they can also cause injuries to the upper arm and body.

The same regulations for knives should be implemented, as cleavers are frequently used for cutting.

Methods to reduce risk


Teach staff members how to use knives safely and how to sharpen them in a safe manner.

Use the proper knife for the job and the food you are chopping. Keep your blades sharp.

On a solid surface, cut.

When cleaning up, handle knives with care.

Keep a knife in your pocket with the blade pointed down.

After usage, keep knives safely in a scabbard or other container.

Wear safety gear as necessary. It is advised to wear a chainmail or similar apron and an appropriate protective glove on the hand not holding the knife during deboning.


Avoid leaving knives lying about on worktops where they might be accidentally pushed off.

Catch the knife if it falls.

Use a knife to open cans.

Carry knives together with other items.

Play with a knife while acting silly.

Always keep a knife with you.

Learn more.

Example: What could possibly go wrong?

The commis chef cut the corner of a 25-kilogram bag of potatoes with a 12-inch fish filleting knife while attempting to open the bag. He then tried to shift the bag, still holding the knife in his right hand and pointing above. When the sliced portion of the bag gave way, the knife was shoved into his face from above, creating a serious wound.

This genuine mishap is a good example of what may go wrong while carrying a bag while still holding a knife. A modification in working procedures, such as the use of a safety knife, would have prevented this disaster.

Several commercial examples of effective knife safety techniques

Sharing best practices is one of the tasks performed by the hospitality industry liaison forum. Here are a few examples of industry best practices for knife safety that members are pleased to provide (reproduced with permission).

Please get in touch with Bonet if you want further information on how to use knives.

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