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The Best Ways to Use Your Tongs

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The Best Ways to Use Your Tongs

Kitchen tongs, oh kitchen tongs. We love how many varied purposes they may serve in and around the kitchen. Tongs are one of the most useful tools to have on hand when preparing a meal, from picking up and turning food to grabbing an important ingredient that is just out of reach—and not just for cooking indoors (they are also one of the most essential tools for outdoor grilling).

While some grip and lift applications for tongs may be obvious, we're sure there are more you haven't considered. After all, tongs are flexible and have the ability to bring a lot to the table (pun intended), from serving meals to opening beverages. If you're seeking new ways to use this popular kitchen utensil, we've got you covered. Here are the finest ways to utilize your tongs:

With ease, toss a salad.

The greatest salad dishes are produced with the freshest ingredients, but they are also covered with just the perfect amount of dressing. It might be difficult to properly dress your vegetables when using a spoon or fork to combine them in a dish.

Tossing a salad with tongs, on the other hand, is easier and may guarantee that all of your components are well drowned in the dressing.

Serve meals without causing a commotion.

Serving food isn't always easy, especially if what you're serving is sloppy. (Hey, pasta, we're staring at you.) Sure, a serving spoon will do the job, but there will almost certainly be some leakage on the plate, the counter, or possibly the burner (depending on where you are serving your dish). This is when your handy tongs come in handy.

Scoop cooked spaghetti up.

We adore handmade pasta, especially a delicious carbonara cooked with thin spaghetti. When using a fork or spoon to scoop up the cooked noodles, however, it might be difficult. Cooked noodles are far too slippery, and moving them from the boiling water can be deadly. When it comes to draining your spaghetti, a colander is useful, but so are tongs.

Cleaning your grill like a pro

It is critical to keep your barbecue clean. You want to make sure it lasts a long time and that you are not cooking on a filthy surface so that individuals eating the food are not exposed to bacteria. However, getting rid of those sticky, charred residues is a time-consuming operation. There may be a lot of brushing and scraping involved, and who has time for that?

Take a bite of bread from the toaster.

If you're anything like us, you're probably impatient when it comes to toasting. The aroma of warm bread tempts us to grab for it. However, this might be an issue if the toast does not rise high enough for simple plucking. We know where those little English muffins prefer to hide. Thankfully, with a tong, you don't have to risk scorching your fingers in order to grab your toast from the toaster.

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