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  • Using knives safely in the meat and food industries
    [Kitchen Knife] Using knives safely in the meat and food industries
    Advice on how to lower the hazards to one's health and safety associated with the use of blades in the meat and food sectors. Both employees and employers may profit from the advice.Personal defense toolsHand defenseEmployers must at the very least require workers to wear cut-resistant gloves on the
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  • Be Careful with Knives
    [Kitchen Knife] Be Careful with Knives
    Every year, about thousands of people end up in emergency rooms with injuries they receive by using kitchen knives. But with a few cutting-edge tips, you can avoid the biggest danger of kitchen work. Here's how:Halve itWhen chopping or dicing curved foods, such as eggplant or zucchini, start by cutt
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  • What Angle Should You Sharpen Knives At?
    [Kitchen Knife] What Angle Should You Sharpen Knives At?
    What Elements Determine the Best Knife Sharpening Angle?A few factors will determine the angle at which you sharpen your knife. The sort of steel the knife is made of is the first consideration. Since Shun knives are made entirely of high-carbon stainless steel, they are durable and have good edge r
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  • What Knife Do I Need To Cut Bones With?
    [Kitchen Knife] What Knife Do I Need To Cut Bones With?
    Some knives are better than others at cutting bones.There are several steps to cooking meat like a master. Begin by selecting a high-quality cut, carefully preparing it for heat, and concluding with precisely the correct length of cooking time.Some people skip the preparation stage. Butchers do the
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  • Top Bread Knife Applications
    [Kitchen Knife] Top Bread Knife Applications
    A bread knife is nearly a kitchen standard since, despite its name, it can serve a variety of duties other than cutting bread. The serrated edge is the secret to this high-level performance.Unlike a chef's knife, which has a smooth and straighter edge, a bread knife has a toothy serration along the
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