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Be careful and keep your knife away from heat, water, and loud noises.

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Be careful and keep your knife away from heat, water, and loud noises.

Knives may be put in the dishwasher. Kitchen knives come in a variety of varieties, and it's so simple to toss them in the cutlery basket of your dishwasher along with the rest of the utensils. But there are several reasons why this is a horrible idea.

Knives shouldn't be put in the dishwasher, especially good chef knives. A trip to the dishwasher can eventually render a sharp knife worthless. Knives can sustain damage, become dull, or deteriorate much more quickly in the dishwasher than they should.

It can be difficult to comprehend why you can't simply chuck your ceramic or hard steel knives in the dishwasher without any problems. Read about the negative impacts below to get an idea of the harm a dishwasher may cause to a kitchen knife.

What Happens If Knives Are Placed in the Dishwasher?

Several items have the potential to corrode and harm your blades. Sharp knives put their handle and blade in danger when put in the dishwasher.

When you put your knives in the dishwasher, four primary negative things happen:

Heat: Dishwashers cannot function properly without heat. However, the constant, high heat used on your knives can damage the handle and the blade.

Even though you may occasionally configure your dishwasher to run a cold cycle, the water pressure can still harm your knives. The heat of a dishwasher is one of the main deterrents to running your knives through one, though.


People frequently fail to consider the amount of motion that occurs in a dishwasher. But you could have some notion if you've ever discovered a treasured glass damaged at the conclusion of a cycle.

Strong sprays are used by dishwashers to get rid of food residue and make sure everything comes out clean. However, when these abrasive sprays strike your knives and other silverware, they may crash into one another, denting the blades and dulling their edges.


Sharp knives can rust and corrode if you put them in the dishwasher, but do not remove them right away once the cycle is finished and hand-dry them. This decision might be the difference between a knife lasting years or months.

Rust or corrosion may progressively corrode your knife, even if you don't see it. If the dishwasher is kept running after the cycle is finished, the handle and blade may both suffer damage.


It might be difficult to believe, but putting knives in the dishwasher speeds up the blade's gradual deterioration. Even with stainless steel knives, despite some manufacturers' claims that they will never lose their sharpness or wear down, this is still the case.

Your chef's knives will need to be sharpened more frequently and won't last as long if they are exposed to abrasive sprays and dishwashing detergent.

Are knives made of stainless steel dishwasher-safe?

No! This idea is untrue, and running your stainless steel knife in the dishwasher will make it dull. Your stainless steel forks or metal spoons can go in the dishwasher without losing their edge since they don't need to. Due to the heat and strong detergent in a dishwasher, any knife material can deteriorate and become dull.

What kind of knives are suitable for the dishwasher?

Butter knives are dishwasher-safe. Other than that, you should hand wash any sharp knives you intend to retain. Although it's common practice, you shouldn't wash your serrated steak knives in the dishwasher. Even though a ceramic knife may withstand heat and washing detergent, they are quite brittle and are more likely to chip, fracture, or even break during a harsh dishwasher cycle when placed next to other cutlery.

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